Residency by investment in Antigua & Barbuda

Carribean Investor Programme

Benefits of second citizenship in Antigua & Barbuda

Obtaining a second passport in Antigua & Barbuda is made possible through the highly regarded investment programme, which has grown in popularity of late.

Tax Benefits

By obtaining citizenship, you can benefit from the countries favourable tax regime. Antigua & Barbuda do not apply capital gains tax or inheritance tax.


The Antigua & Barbuda Citizenship by Investment Programme is one of the most cost-efficient programs in the world.

Citizenship inheritance

Citizenship is permanent and can be passed down for generations.


Antigua & Barbuda citizenship grants access to an economically stable country which is part of the Commonwealth.

Visa-free travel

By obtaining a passport through the citizenship programme, you can travel to 165 countries visa-free. This includes the UK, all of Europe, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Travel requirements

Once the passport has been issued, you are required to spend just five days in the country over five years.

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Antigua and Barbuda fast facts

Antigua and Barbuda are two of the major islands which make up the Leeward Islands. Barbuda is situated 25 miles to the north of Antigua.

Nelson’s Dockyard on the island of Antigua is a cultural heritage site and marina. The marina is home to various sailing and yachting events, including Antigua Charter Yacht Meeting.


The country has a population of around 96,000 over an area of 440 km2. The population density is 186 per km2.

Capital City

St John's is the Caribbean island’s capital which has a population of around 22,000.


The small Commonwealth country uses the Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD), which is set at a fixed rate to the USD = 2.7 XCD.


The country’s GDP is worth $1.62 billion and represents less than 0.01% of the total world economy.


English is the official language used in the country. The vernacular language Antigua & Barbuda Creole is also widely spoken.


The Caribbean island has a tropical climate, which means it is hot and humid throughout the year.

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